Sociological sciences

  • Structure of the society, social institutes and processes
  • Sociology of culture and spiritual life
  • Sociology of management
  • Theory, methodology and history of sociology
  • Methodology and methods of sociological research
  • Specialized sociology
  • Economic sociology and demography
  • Sociological sciences - Open specialized section

Political sciences

  • Political problems of international relations and global development
  • Political institutions, ethnopolitical conflict management, national and political processes and technologies
  • Theory of politics, history and methodology of political science
  • Sociology and psychology of politics
  • Political management
  • Political PR and advertising
  • Political sciences - Open specialized section

Military sciences

  • Geopolitical factors of military science development
  • Anthropogenic elements in military science
  • Philosophical and ideological doctrines of war and military conflicts
  • Military operations strategy and tactics
  • Military sciences - Open specialized section.