Editorial board of the journal is a team of sectoral specialists consolidated within the Expert Board and also representatives of the open international expert community performing professional assessment of scientific studies within research analytics championships of the GISAP project.

Open international expert community members list of the GISAP project includes about 5000 scientists from around the world (in early 2016). About 400 of them are professional sociologists, theorists and practitioners of Political and Military science from various countries of the world specializing in different aspects of Sociological, Political and Military Sciences and carrying out professional analysis of materials of the journal «GISAP: Sociological, Political and Military Sciences».


Editor-in-chief of the GISAP Editorial

Valentin Pavlov

Doctor of Jurisprudence, Full Professor, Academician


Expert Board

Managing Editor of the journal «GISAP: Sociological, Political and Military Sciences» in 2016*


Doctor of Sociology, Full Professor, Associate Professor

Place of work: Belgorod State National Research University


Expert Board members: «GISAP: Sociological, Political and Military Sciences»**


Candidate of History, Associate Professor, Professor of History Department, Director of the Center of Social Monitoring and Forecasting, Chairman of the public association "Semey Independent Sociological Center".

Place of work:

SemeyStateUniversity named after Shakarim

General Partnership "Konovalov and company - Sociological center";

Public Association "Semey Independent Sociological Center


Candidate of Sociology, Associate Professor

Place of work: Kemerovo State University


Adviser for Social Communications and Socialization Issues of a number of law enforcement agencies of the U.S. and Israel, SocSciD, PhD


International Volunteer Fund for Equal Rights Development, PhD


PhD, Military historian, consultant, expert at the State Museum Fund of Sichuan Province


North American Center for the study of global problems of world politics, LLD, D.Sc.


Candidate of Jurisprudence, Professor of RANH (Russian Academy of Natural History), Deputy Director for Research

Place of work: Tambov State University named after G.R. Derzhavin


*- Managing Editor of "GISAP: Sociological, Political and Military Sciences" is annually elected from among the most qualified and authoritative members of the sectoral expert team. Basic criteria here is the professional fulfillment of expert obligations and the highest personal analytical ranking in the GISAP project following the results of the reporting year preceding the current year.

**- the Expert Board of "GISAP: Sociological, Political and Military Sciences" is annually formed from among professional sectoral scientists from around the world. These are highly qualified scientists with international publishing activity and significant personal analytical rankings in the GISAP project.