From the 26th till the 31st of August, 2015 under the auspices of the GISAP project of the International Academy of Science and Higher Education (IASHE; London, United Kingdom) were held the next stage of the scientific and analytical championship in Medicine and Pharmaceutics, Biоlogy, Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture, and the CVI International scientific and practical conference "Life and health of the person through the prism of the development of medicine, food safety policy and preservation of the biodiversity". These events were organized in memory of the outstanding English naturalist and traveler Charles Robert Darwin; therefore the events have the status of his "Memorial". The above mentioned events took place under the British jurisdiction in the remote-interactive form on the basis of the website. The events were organized by the scientific, philanthropic and NGOs from around the world. Quality assessment, author's originality and innovativeness of research were considered by authoritative international experts.

As part of the Open European and Asian championship in research analytics best results in overall demonstrated: in Biology - coauthors Oksana Hluschevskaya and Galina Khimich with the  report “Disorders of development of offspring lead-induced animals” (Silver decoration), and the third place was awarded to Lyudmila Telepneva , author of the report "Inner vacuum of biological systems and its impact on the properties of the living world "; in Medicine - Yuri Lahtin and Yuri Smeyanov with the report «Modeling of a stress condition of hard tissues of a tooth in the process of the restoration of carious cavities of class I» (Silver decoration). Liubov Grigorenkotook the third place.

At the national championships, the highest places were taken by: Russia - Valentina Gontar (Bronze decoration- Biology); Ukraine - Elena Morozova, Nikolai Blazheevskiy (Pharmacology; Diploma " Scientific thought leader").

Following the results of events the IASHE Publishing house has issued the collection of scientific works (ISBN 978-1-909137-77-6). The best works by participants of championships in scientific analytics will also be published in the journal “GISAP: Medical Science, Pharmacology” (ISSN 2053-7751 (Print), ISSN 2054-0795 (Online)) and “GISAP: Biology, Veterinary Medicine and Agricultural Sciences” (ISSN 2054-1139 (Print), ISSN 2054-1147 (Online).

More details about the results and materials of scientific and analytical events, as well as contents of the IASHE editions are available on the websites:,,,,


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The IASHE and the GISAP Project Organizing Committee.