Press release of «MEMORIAL Arthur Schopenhauer»

From the 21st till the 27th of July, 2015 under the auspices of the GISAP project launched by the International Academy of Science and Higher Education (IASHE; London, United Kingdom) the next stage of the scientific and analytical championship in Culturology (inc. sports and physical culture), Art History, Philosophy and History, as well as the CV International scientific and practical conference "The event-based structure, as well as cognitive, moral and aesthetic contents of the historical process" were organized. The events were devoted to the memory of the outstanding German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer; therefore the events have the status of his "Memorial". The specified events took place under the British jurisdiction in the remote-interactive form on the basis of the website. The events were organized by the scientific, philanthropic and public organizations from around the world. The assessment of quality, author's originality and innovativeness of researches was carried out by authoritative international experts.

Within the framework of the absolute Open European-Asian championship in scientific analytics the best results in History were shown by Riyaz Masalimov with the report titled “Cultural and educational work with young people - an important means of politicization of the young generation (on example, the Volga region and the Urals, the first quarter of the twentieth century)”. The second prize winner isZharas Ermekbay.

In the field of Philosophy the third prize winner are – Roman Kljujkov,

Sergei Kljujkov coauthors of the report “The identity of being and consciousness”.

Following the results of events the IASHE Publishing house has issued the collection of scientific works (978-1-909137-76-9). The best works by participants of championships in scientific analytics will also be published in the journals “GISAP: Culturology, Sports and Art History” (ISSN 2054-0809 (Print), ISSN 2054-0817 (Online)), “GISAP: History and Philosophy” (ISSN 2054-6467 (Print), ISSN 2054-6475 (Online)).

More details about the results and materials of scientific and analytical events, as well as contents of the IASHE editions are available on the websites:,,,,

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The IASHE and the GISAP Project Organizing Committee.