Dear colleagues! We are glad to inform you that in November 2018, the IASHE is resuming the implementation of its international scientific and educational programs (earlier these programs functioned within the GISAP project) in a fundamentally updated format of the MISAP project.

There will be many changes - the programs will become more mobile, operational and focused on the needs of the project participants!

The MISAP project provides to researchers a set of exclusive options, opportunities and innovations which are author's innovations of IASHE and can be available only in programs of Academy!

Open for yourself an effective way to the international science, participate in its evolution and develop the personal status of the progressive researcher and scientist with the international name!

We will be sincerely glad to long-awaited meetings with experienced participants of the GISAP project and acquaintance to new friends! We hope for effective cooperation with you!

To learn more about the features and innovations of the project MISAP, you can follow the links below.

You can send all your questions, suggestions, initiatives and recommendations to our address through the following channels of communication:

Е-mail: office@gisap.eu

Skype for English-language communications: iashe_